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Is your business owning you?

Hey, we’re Bryan and Shannon Miles. In 2010, at the height of the economic recession, when our children were two and five years old, we left our careers in corporate America, cashed in our 401(k)s, and went all-in to start our first business.

Along the way, we developed a model that helps other successful business owners experience the freedom of owning their companies.

Today, we own a growing portfolio of successful, highly profitable companies (BELAY & NoFo Brew Co), run by capable leaders with over 1,000 team members across the United States. Additionally, we also invest in companies through our investment company, Miles West. All of this enables our vision to have a thriving marriage and a connected relationship with our children.

Bryan and Shannon of Own Not RunBryan and Shannon of Own Not Run

It’s time to own it.
Not run it.

We help business owners experience the freedom of owning their companies, instead of running them.

Below is our street cred:

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Business ownership is a journey. Where do you see yourself?

No matter where you are now, our content and events are designed to help you thoughtfully progress on your business ownership journey.

The Hustler

You’re in the game. You are experiencing the struggle and the grind. You have an idea but it might still be a side hustle. You’ve started thinking about systems, process, and people but may not be there yet.

The Entrepreneur

You are a business owner. People, process, and profit are top of mind. You have ideas to grow and scale your business but you might be stuck in the current iteration of the business. You have a strong desire to move to the owner box and want help getting there.

The President/CEO

You are working to build an asset versus earning an income. You are focused on increasing the value of the business, not just revenue. Culture is a BIG deal to you. You are building a bench of leadership talent. You care about brand equity. Your long range vision = success of the company.

The Owner

You have identified, equipped, and empowered your replacement. The business doesn’t need you day to day anymore but you are still involved in high-level strategic decisions. You embrace, seek, and build a stable of advisors. Your long range vision = success of family.

The "Workplace Apocalypse" is upon us. Did you know that 42% of the U.S. labor force is now working from home?

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